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Drop-in $18
5 class pack $80 (good for three months)
10 class pack $150 (good for six months)

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$85 per 50 minute session
5 pack $400

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5-pack $225

Classes Offered At Our Studio Location

Using a combination of body weight exercise, resistance training, plyometrics and TRX, our trainers get you working hard and seeing results.  This class is a challenging routine no matter your fitness level.  For the maximum results in the minimum time frame, nothing beats a full body circuit workout.  Perfect for cross training. Maximum 10 participants per class.

Mat Pilates/Mat Pilates with Props

Mat Pilates: A contemporary approach to the Mat exercises as designed by Joseph Pilates.  Accessible to all levels as we build layers to the exercises to build strength without bulk, improve posture, and add stability to your spine. A great way to complement your existing routine.  You will leave class feeling longer and stronger!    

Mat with Props:  Traditional Mat Pilates with an added spin!  Each class is unique, using small props (ball, magic circle, bands, light weights) to add spice and new challenges to your body.

Pilates Sculpt

Get long and lean muscles with this class combining 30 minutes of strengthening for legs, gluts and arms using a combination of light weights,sliders, bands, and barre work. Move to the mat for a 20 minute flow of Pilates core work and finish with 5 minutes of stretching. Fun, energetic class for all levels. Each class is different so it is like a new workout every time!

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Classic yoga postures that flow with the breath. Standing, seated and lying postures. Work on your inner and outer strength.

Yoga Strong

Join us for our newest hybrid: Yoga Strong!  Warm up with some traditional yoga poses and sun salutations, work with weights and resistance equipment for 30 minutes of muscle building exercise. Then finish with a delightful 15 minute yoga cool down.  It's everything your body needs in a one hour format!

Short Wednesday Yoga

An all levels Vinyasa yoga class for middle schoolers and up.  We meet on early release Wednesdays at 2pm.  Work on your inner and outer strength and flexibility.  We will help you turn any thoughts into positive ones!  Drop in or sign up online.  Please note, a waiver must be signed for students under 18 by their parents, either online when signing up for the first class, or in the studio.

Men's Yoga

A non-judgemental practice designed to ease muscle tightness and tension and use natural upper body strength to work on balancing the body.  Perfect for beginners or experienced yogis.  A wonderful accompaniment to any workout regimen.  Come see what all the buzz is about!

Classes Offered At Westwood and Dover Recreation